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Other reviews

"Full marks for everything! The concerto is great and passes all tests, being listenable, playable and musically valid. The playing on the CD is stunning, too, both from soloists and orchestra. Bravo! Bravissimo!!"

Letter from John D. Elliot, Professional Tubist, London, England; 1998:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the CD. Indeed the ASU Orchestra played over their head for this one! And Sam— well, like always, — fabulous."

Doug Klein, Tuba Instructor, University of Arizona, Tucson Symphony: 1998:

Rating Five Stars for Last Twelve Months; 92% Positive out of 55,602 Ratings!


“Greatest Tuba Concerto Yet .... A Must Own For All Musicians!”

by Anthony E. LaBelle; Superior, Wisconsin:

I can't even begin to describe the incredible power and emotion in this tuba concerto. Not since I first heard the Jager Concerto for Bass Tuba have I been so excited by a work of music for this instrument. One of the few large solo works written for CC Tuba, and done masterfully! All the other reviews are dead on, the tuba concerto is by far one of the greatest works for this instrument yet, and in time is sure to become a standard of writing for our contrabass instrument. I sincerely hope that composers in the future use this as a model for the writing of tuba concerti, then we can be assured that our library of repertoire will only get better. I can honestly say that this is the only work for solo tuba and orchestra that I have not a single complaint for. The performance by both Sam Pilafian and the orchestra are both phenomenal. Don’t let the fact that it’s a university Orchestra turn you off of the recording; their musicianship rivals that of any large name orchestras in the world. The only negative point is that I am only allotted 1000 words to write this review. In one word, though: EXCELLENT!


"Composition For The Gods”

by Joy Giguere; Brunswick, Maine:

You would never think that you could have a tuba concerto stuck in your head for days, humming movement by movement. This is the effect of Eugene Anderson and his Tuba Concerto in Bm. As a college tubist, after listening to this recording over and over again, this is the first concerto I want to learn. I think it will be the same for most other tubists who listen to this CD, and non-tubists will want to pick up that twenty pounds of brass."


“Gene & Sam At Their Best”

by “A Customer”

There are very few tuba concertos written for Contrabass CC tuba and this one definitely fits the bill. Rather than make me fall asleep with all sorts of violinesque acrobatics, this concerto demonstrates the huge sonic and resonant qualities that contrabass tubas are capable of. I hope other composers of tuba literature follow Mr. Anderson's lead.

“The End Of The World”

by “A Customer”

Sam is a top notch tubist and will continue to be one. Anderson draws you into the emotion of the endtime as man continues to destroy ourselves. This recording is great and I hope Mr. Anderson can write more moving pieces as this one.