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Andersonís Arizona Originals was started in 1988 and features all of the music of Eugene D. Anderson.


Mr. Anderson is among the very first composers in the country to compose tuba quartet literature,

starting in 1963 when he was first chair tuba in The University of Wisconsin concert band under

Professor Raymond Dvorak. Professor Dvorak once asked him to arrange, by ear, the famous

London Englandís, Hoffnung Festival tuba quartet, a Chopin Mazurka. He did so, and it was

performed by four BBb tubas at every winter band tour concert that year. It was so successful

that he was asked to do a new one each year for the next 3 years.


This began his love of tuba/euphonium quartets, and the production in his career of over 150 compositions for brass ensembles, teaching aids and method books, band music, orchestra, theater, choral and hand bell music composed through 2010. Cimarron Music Press of Salem, CT,, publishes about 34 of his works, including his masterwork, Tuba Concerto No. 1 in Bm, written for his teacher and mentor, Arnold Jacobs, principal tuba with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 44 years. Please see his signed endorsement letter in the Reviews section.


Mr. Andersonís largest work, which is 2 hours long, is his dramatic musical THE WAGER, the first ever musical inspired by the classic story of Job (for more details, please see the Reviews page). He continues to add new works every year to his repertoire and wants to complete two more tuba concerti and three more musicals. New pieces will be added to the website as they are completed.


Many of his pieces are recorded, included the 1998 Grammy Award entry, PERCEPTION, by díNote records, featuring the concerto (see Reviews and Articles tab). The CD recording is now out of print, so he bought every last copy from díNote and reissued the album under his own AAO Productions† label, to ensure that the CD is still available worldwide.

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