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Following are several reviews Mr. Anderson has received for his works.


Date: July 8, l998

Dear Gene:

I have listened several times to your newly released CD, each time I gain new perceptions of sound and structure. It is a masterful recording, demonstrating the highest forms of composition and performance. It deserves consecutive listening to fully appreciate the level of artistry and control achieved by the performers.

My heartiest congratulations to you for your challenging and rewarding compositions and to Sam Pilafian who once again demonstrates total control and innate musicianship in everything he does; a Pilafan trademark! Sam transcends his chosen instrument, the tuba, establishing ever higher standards of artistic performance which others aspire to achieve. Timothy Morrison and Timothy Russell also deserve applause for their respective contributions to these recordings. Encore!


Harvey G. Phillips

Distinguished Professor of Music - Indiana University, Retired

Gene Pokorny

Harvey Phillips

Arnold Jacobs

Date: July 19, 1998. Phone call from Chicago, transcribed with Mr. Jacobsí permission.


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to Sam Pilaflan, who did a wonderful job with this disc. And the school orchestra (ASU) just amazed me with their proficiency and the excellence of the orchestra. Particularly, the concerto itself was so satisfying to me. I happen to like its style of music (Romantic) very much and I feel it should be in every advanced tuba players repertoire. I think it's very good for their playing and people will just love to hear them perform it. It's very different from some of the major concertos and the difference, I think, is very valuable. The challenge is quite great and very rewarding. I know, since I have talked with various friends about it and many of my friends have already purchased the disc and they're very happy with it, and I think they feel like I do, very much.


I enjoyed the orchestral accompaniment to the concerto very much. It actually integrated into a beautiful work! As a player in a major orchestra for so many years, I've been enjoying that aspect as well, not just the fact that it's a solo. It fits into so many different tonal colors and I think people will enjoy hearing it. It's a new slant on the tuba!


I was thrilled when I first heard it after so many years since it was composed for me! I didn't have much time, but we took time and just sat down and decided to hear the whole thing right then and there and stop what I was doing! I told my wife at the time that I think this is a major work and it deserved our attention and our admiration! If I were still active as a performer, I would play it in a minute. I think this concerto should be part of the advanced players standard repertoire. I will make a point of sharing it with the players and conductor of the symphony as well as my students. I feel cheated in the fact that I didn't get to do the premiere!


I also enjoyed the "Baroque 'n Brass" piece very, very much and "The Perception of War". In your writing of this orchestral work, the tuba is integrated into the work in such a way that we donít get parts with just an accompaniment, but it has parts with the themes and I think it is very, very satisfactory

If you get a chance, why don't you send a copy of your concerto to Gene Pokorny. See that he gets a CD, I think he'll enjoy that. He's a good man. Feel free to use my words in any manner that you like. Best regards and congratulations!

Arnold Jacobs, retired Principal Tuba, Chicago Symphony.

LETTER FROM GENE POKORNY, Current Chicago Symphony Orchestra Principal Tuba: August 10, 2009; "Thanks for sending the CD of your tuba concerto. Charlie Vernon commented on how he likes the concerto. Perhaps there will be grass roots sentiment (among the CSO players) to get It programmed. Over the years I have learned not to hold my breath when it comes to programming. If asked I will give it my usual over-the-top effort. No brag, that is just how I work. ..................

Best wishes to you. I would love to be a part of a live performance of your piece with the CSO."

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